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Dave Berns Interviews Author Cyndi Targosz
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Ten Minute Tone Ups for Dummies
WJR/ABC Radio Interview - January 10, 2009

SCARLET Magazine - April 2009 The UK's Hottest Women's Magazine
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TEN MINUTE TONE-UPS FOR DUMMIES (Wiley) that showed up on EXPO TV by a REAL consumer just like you. Hear what this young woman said about the pocket size version of my book. BTW- this is not a friend or relative.
LAS VEGAS WEEKLY - Feburary 5, 2009
Las Vegas Weekly Article Featuring Cyndi Targosz
Outblush - Dating the Younger Man

OUTBLUSH- the very popular blog for YOUNG WOMEN WHO LOVE 2 shop recommended my book DATING THE YOUNGER MAN (ADAMS Media). They say it's GREAT DATING ADVICE FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGES! Thanks OUTBLUSH!
Check out what OUTBLUSH said.
Hometown Life - December 28, 2008
Hometown Life Article Featuring Cyndi Targosz
The News-Herald - December 19, 2008
The News-Herald Article Featuring Cyndi Targosz
Macomb Daily Age Is Just A Number - August 10, 2008
Macomb Daily Article Featuring Cyndi Targosz
Tampa Tribune - June 13, 2008
Cyndi Quoted in Recent Tampa Tribune Article
Cyndi and Dr. Phil of Oprah fame take time out to pose at the National Association of Television Production Executives Convention (NATPE) in Las Vegas. Cyndi was autographing photos to promote her upcoming television appearances.
The J-Hawker crew may have been the fitness winners in last weekend's Port Huron to Mackinac race. Although they only placed fourth in their division in the three day event,all 11 on board were feeling shipshape as a result of following nutrition and conditioning advice of friend and fitness expert Cyndi Targosz...............

Photo Caption: Cyndi Targosz, a fitness expert, poses next to her photo likeness, which has become the official flag of the J-Hawker yacht, a participant in this years Mackinac race.

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On one side was Charlene ("Dallas") Tilton. On the other was Jay ("Dennis the Menace") North. And there in the middle, a long way from Lincoln Park, sat Cyndi Targosz. The occasion was the Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn. Don Knotts was there, selling his autograph. So were Jennifer O'Neill, Jerry Vale, Buddy Hackett and Karen Black. Amid that august company, the woman who describes herself as "Jim Harper's very first traffic babe on WNIC" set up shop -- and people stood in line to meet her...

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After recently making a celebrity appearance on the nationally syndicated game show "To Tell The Truth" Cyndi Targosz received a call from a New York Fitness magazine. A reporter from the magazine saw the show and wanted to interview her for a photo story on successful fitness models.
The First thing you need to know about the quarter butt-squeeze is that there is no full butt squeeze to go with it,or even a half butt-squeeze. Also there is no quarter. The squeeze in question --and let's call it the QBS, so I don't have to keep writing "butt"---is a helpful tip from Cyndi Targosz designed for sailors in the Bacardi Bayview Mackinac Race, which started Saturday........................................

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The Girls Scouts of America have received lessons in building self confidence from Cyndi Targosz who implemented her STARGLOW program called "Kids Kick Into ConfidenceT" to troops in Michigan. Targosz teaches children how to build self esteem, confidence and respect for oneself and one another through an upbeat talk follow by a fun kickboxing workout.
Cyndi was a guest voice on a commercial for the comedy CD starring Jonathan Winters and Gary Owens. She played candidate Winters' vice presidential running mate. Targosz caught Winters' eye when he saw her do Betty Boop and Marilyn Monroe at an awards show at the Friars Club. Rich Little was also featured on the CD.
Angled Simultaneous Biceps Curls

Works On: Wave goodbye to sagging biceps. This move targets the entire biceps muscle as well as the forearm.

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Simple Move Tones Chest Muscles

The Move: Isometric Chest Press

Works On: This simple but effective move helps tone the upper and middle chest muscles...

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Cyndi speaks to the students at Glendale community college about what it takes to be a successful lifestyle expert. The college offers an excellent fitness program under the direction of Barb Erfurt. For more information on the program log on to their site at
CCC Information Services, a computer firm out of Chicago, awarded STARGLOW a contract to coordinate their employee health fair. STARGLOW arranged for a nutritional lunch for the employees as well as numerous wellness stations for the festive yet informative occasion.