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STARGLOW Productions Inc. was founded in 1991 by Cyndi Targosz. It began with an attitude or a spirit that looking and feeling good was more than flexing muscles on a hard body. Cyndi noticed that too many people, mostly women, were consumed with achieving unrealistic goals. They were miserable with their lives because they couldn't live up to the standards set by society and through the media. It became the mission of STARGLOW to help people achieve their personal best through Cyndi Targosz' M.B.S. System™ (Mind, Body, Spirit). This means that how you think, look and feel about yourself affects your whole well being. At STARGLOW clients learn to enjoy the journey as they reach for goals and get results. This ultimately creates a balanced lifestyle.

STARGLOW has evolved into a firm with an array of lifestyle products and services that are available nationwide for corporations, organizations, small groups and individuals, as well as commercially for the mass market. With offices in Detroit and Los Angeles, Cyndi now has a staff of over 100 certified and insured professionals that are the BEST in the industry! Each is trained in the M.B.S. System™ (Mind, Body, Spirit). Although the company has shown tremendous growth over the last 12 years one thing has remained constant. That same STARGLOW SPIRIT is stronger than ever!