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In celebration of our 19th year in business I am proud to announce the launch of our updated website Be sure to bookmark it! Periodically I will give you my personal secrets to a great lifestyle! Click in regularly for the latest in Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Nutrition, dating and more. Following is my recent copy of "Cyndi's Secrets".

FASHION: This season think of streamlining your wardrobe. That means aim for a long lean look. This can be accomplished without having a supermodel figure. Simply snap up an adorable drop waist dress. Complete the look by layering it over a snug long sleeve top. The effect is very slimming.

Streamlining your wardrobe is also possible with a pair of skinny jeans . This year they are showing up in bright and vivid hues such as red, orange and turquoise - all shades of the 80's for a vintage feel. Skinny jeans look best when paired with longer tops to continue the line flow. If skinny jeans are not your thing fear not because there are wonderful choices in boot cut or even wide leg. The choice is yours.

Feel feminine in a shrunken jacket. The shapes are very pretty. Many of them are exquisitely detailed so it is best to wear them with simple skinny pants, jeans and pencil skirts.

Short boxy jackets flooded the runway this season. Pair them over slim skirts and pants to keep the streamlined theme in tact. These are extremely flattering on women with a petite or mid size bust. If you have a very large bustline you may want to skip this trend. It will only make you look top heavy and chubby.

If you get one new accessory this season make it a strappy sexy sandal with a  thick leather ankle strap. Very sophisticated and very NOW!

Make-up: Fabulous Lashes are on the wish list of most women. Now they can be yours. Never have there been so many re-vamped mascaras on the market---and they really work miracles. I've always been a big fan of Lancome Definicils Noir Black Mascara. Well- they have out done themselves. Try the Lancome Oscilating Mascara and you willl be batting your eyes non stop. This Mascara is Luscious. Who needs spend the money and time on Lash Extensions when Mark Makeup just introduced a nifty pocket-size mascara called Lashtensions. Wet N Wild and BENEFIT are also defining eyes with their new high tech mascaras.

The latest technique when applying eye shadow is called "layering". That just means don't waist all those fabulous make-up eye colors stashed in your drawer- Play with them. Rather than using the typical one or 2 shades on your eyelids - layer 3 , 4 or even more till you get the shade you desire. It's Fun!!! The secret is to blend well so you don't look like a clown. Not an artist---Don't fret! Neutral shades in brown still look great placed in the crease of the lid and are goof proof! Dust mauve over the entire lid to give it a modern twist. You are good to go. Perfect for those busy and now stress free holidays!

Accessories: Update your wardrobe with mini-boots. They work with skinny pants, leggings or a dress over opaque tights. Wrist bags are easy to carry and hold nothing more than a little money and lipstick. Sporty totes are inexpensive, cute and fun! Don't forget your sunblock. That's right. This is an important accessory even in the dead of winter. Use it for your health and who wants to encourage wrinkles. Make sure it's a broad spectrum--- this is probably your most important accessory.


Barber Shop Chic: What's old is new again. More and more men are having their hair styled by a barber. Perhaps it's the mystique of a private world that seemed to disappear when men entered the beauty parlor years ago. Perhaps its because many men have grown up without this experience and want to parlay into adulthood on their own. (Mom took them to the salon). Whatever the motivation, men of all ages long for a safe place where a man can attend to his grooming needs without losing a sense of masculinity. They appreciate a good hair style, great guy talk and why not a shave coupled with some hot lather. Now if I could just take a peak!

Mirror-Mirror - Do look in the mirror. Just don't spend more time there than your lady does but do look. At the very least try to stay neat and clean whether you are a rocker with rage, earthy, a shy guy or whatever your personality may be. Good Hygiene goes a long way.

Forget Sloppy: Casual may be more and more prominent in our society but that does not mean sloppy. As Winter is upon us one thing is very clear-The Gentleman is Back! I personally am thrilled about this. Whether you dress up or down do it with style. I recently attended a Sunday brunch at a lovely restaurant. To my dismay there were a number of guys that dressed the same way they would dress as if it was a Saturday breakfast at a local truck stop. This not only is inappropriate but it shows lack of respect for yourself and for the person you are dining with.

FIRST DATE POINTS: Traditionally when a gentleman caller arrives to pick up his date he often carries flowers and chocolates. This is always appreciated when she is picked up at home. However, nowadays with women being a lot more cautious about having men show up at their door on the first date it is not unusual to meet in neutral territory. Juggling flowers in a restaurant could be awkward. Try giving a scented candle. Make sure it's a lead free, high quality long lasting candle. Have it wrapped as a present and she'll like it even more. It's a very sweet thought.- One that she will remember every time she lights it. If the sparks fly you may even get to light it with her. That part my friends if up to you. Good luck!

STRESS: Everybody has stress. It helps to try to reduce the stress that is in your control. (eg. leaving for work early so as not to feel rage in traffic). Of course there are things that cause stress that are out of your control (eg.loss of a loved one). The secret to coping is learning how to manage stress. The simple act of realizing what is in your control and what is not in your control may not solve your problems but it can help with coping. Once you realize that something is out of your control be kind to yourself. Take time to breathe deeply. Exercise is a great stress reliever. Try meditation. Don't beat up on yourself if you don't succeed at these skills immediately. They take practice. Even as a stress management expert I have days that I find difficult to practice what I preach. We are human. The good part is we can pick up the pieces and try again. Breathe......Breathe........Breathe......

Medicine Madness: Just a warning for those who use herbs, supplements, and prescription medicine. There are a bevy of excellent products on the market-both prescriptive and non prescriptive. Be aware that many, although they may be fine on their own, could interact with each other and often in a less than desirable way. For that reason make it a habit to tell your health care provider about every single herb, supplement and prescription drug that you are taking. For example you may have picked up St. Johns Wort at the health food store to help with your mood swings. If at the same time your doctor has prescribed an antidepressant such as prozac or zoloft and you continue to take both products you could be setting yourself up for dangerous adverse reactions. Always consult with your physician.

MEN WITH A BELLY: Hey guys - let me help you out here. Most women understand that you may have put a little weight around the middle. However, a tight belt below the stomach does not hide the bulge. It only makes your stomach look bigger. You can give the illusion of flatter abs with this simple trick. Buy pants that FIT! A less than perfect waistline requires a rise that is cut on an angle. The back of the pants should have a rise that is higher than the front. That way the front of the pants won't bunch up. The front should lay flat against your stomach. Don't be afraid to wear suspenders if need be.

FOOD JOURNAL CAN CHANGE DIET: Many experts believe that keeping a food journal can help you to manage weight. I agree. According to nationally known registered dietician Sandra Gloss, "Many times if you have a weight problem, you are not paying attention to what you are eating. The journal gives you something tangible to look back on. Self monitoring is one of the most important keys to successful weight loss and management." Gloss suggests you start by keeping a little notebook handy in your pocket ."I'm always telling people, no sheet no eat, " she said. "If you don't have time to write it down then you must not have time to eat it." Gloss also recommends that you write down not only what you eat but how much .She says that different things trigger people to eat different foods. According to Gloss, "Once you identify the problem, then you can start correcting it." Now is a great time to start! No cheating.... be sure to include in your journal those little snacks that add up.

FITNESS: This season think fitness. Try something different. Rather than focusing on belly bulge, which is negative, shift your attention to the heart. Start learning to love yourself just the way you are. Only then will you be motivated to be your personal best. Only then will you be able to make positive lifestyle changes. Once you have a healthy "attitude" find activities to do that you enjoy (garden, golf, play with the kids, walk, etc.). Keep Moving! This will make you feel better. In fact it'll make you want to move even more. You'll burn off calories without even realizing it. By the way, there's an extra benefit. With all that healthy movement that you're doing a trim waist and a firm fanny will follow!

SEXY STILETTO STAMINA: These 3 or 4 inch high heel weapons are known to create dangerous curves on the female figure. However, as sizzling as that may seem many a podiatrist has screamed at the foot problems which are then created. People often ask me how I wear them so effortlessly. Today I share my discovery. First of all never wear them all day. Secondly, alternate with different heal heights. Going from flats to 2inch heels to high heels acts as a natural calf workout. Thirdly and most important be sure to alternate a flex and then a point of your toes when you do your leg lift exercises. This creates a lovely long lean calf and the stamina for stilettos.

COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME: Having trouble seeing your computer screen? Do your eyes feel tired or sore after several hours of computer work? You may be suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome! According to nationally known Optometrist Dr. Jeffrey Anshel," it's a real condition that the American Optometric Association has designated as that of complex eye and vision symptoms that are related to work which is done up close. These symptoms are often experienced during or related to computer use. You can help yourself by following the "3-B" approach: Blink, Breathe and Break! Studies have shown that we blink less while using a computer than doing other tasks, so remember to blink regularly. Full breathing will allow you to maintain adequate blood flow into your eyes, and taking breaks is essential. I suggest the 20/20/20 rule for breaks: Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds and look 20 feet away." If you'd like more information on Computer Vision Syndrome and how to maintain healthy, relaxed eyes, visit Dr. Jeffrey Anshel's web site: for details.

DON'T TAKE IT TO THE GRAVE: It's already been over seven years since the September 11th terrorist attacks. In addition to that our troops are putting their lives at risk in the middle East in a fight to keep our security and freedom. The world seems in disarray. The echonomy is a mess. As a result most of us are much more aware of our immortality. Life is way too short! With that in mind I ask you to wake up each day and live life to the fullest. Say those things you've always wanted to say , Do those things you've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time and why not even wear that cute sweater you've been saving because you don't want to ruin it. Take that risk. Just LIVE!!!! joie de vivre!

ENGLISH LACY LINGERIE: Try this site from London for the finest lacy lingerie I've ever seen or felt. Very expensive and classy but well worth the pounds it's sold in.