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The Move: Angled Simultaneous Biceps Curls

Works On: This simple but effective move helps tone the upper and middle chest muscles

Set up: Stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground, hip-width apart. Hold your arms straight down at your sides with a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your elbows touching your body for the duration of the exercise. Your palms should face out so that the dumbbells are also angled slightly away from your body. Inhale.

Step 1. Exhale as you slowly lift the dumbbells at the same time until they reach shoulder height.

Step 2. Pause and hold for a few seconds at the top of the move. Contract or squeeze your biceps muscles as you slowly return to the starting position. This is one repetition.

Fit tip: Stand tall and erect. To avoid putting stress on your back, don't lean forward. Let the biceps do all the work.

ABOUT THE TRAINER: Cyndi Targosz is a certified lifestyle/fitness expert, motivational speaker and author. Her books, "Ten Minute Tone-Ups for Dummies" (Wiley; $19.99), "Your Best Bust" (Sourcebooks; $6.95) and "Erase Your Waist" (Sourcebooks; $6.95) are available at all bookstores and on